Partnership with Parents: what you can do at home


When a child starts at Pre-school they are given a home/Pre-school Communication Book which can be kept in our Devizes Pre-school book bag, (available from the office for a cost of £3 each).  This book is for you and your Key person to share information about your child’s interests, any concerns you may have, to ask questions or to make appointments. 


If your child would like to ‘write’ or draw in the Communication Book we would love to see their additions! 


Reading with your child helps children develop communication skills and encourages imagination and creativity.  We encourage all children to share their enjoyment looking at and reading books together.  We run a book lending scheme where all children are given the chance to borrow a book of their choice from our supplies.  Reading together also helps to provide a good start for your child before they begin primary school.  We are also happy to lend some of our activities and games for a short period of time.

It is important that you keep us updated when your contact details change such as your address or mobile number and you inform us of any allergies/medication requirements for your child.  Click the pdf button below to download our Contact Details Amendments form to return to us

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