Snacks and Lunch Boxes

At Devizes Pre-school we promote and encourage healthy lunches and snacks.  We encourage the children to be involved with their own snack preparation through their role as “special helper” and we talk to the children about which foods are healthier than others.


Here are some items that we suggest for your child’s lunch box:

  • Starchy food such as sandwiches, a bread roll, some flat bread, fruit bread or crackers

  • Protein food, e.g. a slice of lean meat, a hard-boiled egg or beans

  • A child’s fist-sized portion of fresh fruit or vegetables

  • Dairy products, e.g. strip cheese or yoghurt

  • Water, juice or fruit smoothie

  • Please limit treat foods such as a chocolate biscuit or packet of crisps to one per lunch

We ask parents to provide healthy lunch boxes for the children and not to include fizzy drinks, chocolate or sweets.  We have milk delivered for free which is available for the children to drink at mealtimes.

Your child’s lunch box will be stored on our lunch box trolley for a few hours so we place an ice pack into each lunch box at the beginning of the morning session.  Please return this to Pre-school if left in your child’s lunchbox by accident. Also other tips include:

  • Perishable foods such as dairy products, eggs and slices of meat should be kept cool and eaten within about 4 hours of preparation.  Don’t pack these foods if just cooked (still hot); cool in the refrigerator overnight

  • If you include left over meals such as meats, pasta and rice dishes please ensure you pack a frozen block into the lunch box and inform a member of staff so that they can reheat the meal before lunch

  • Tube yoghurts can be placed in lunch boxes still frozen.  They will usually have defrosted by lunch time!

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