Free-Entitlement/ Fees

To reserve a space and sessions for your child we request that on completion of the registration form you pay a registration fee of £15.00.  Once your child attends their first session, this money will be refunded to you in full or offset against your bill.  If you reserve a place for your child at Pre-school but fail to attend, the Booking Fee will be retained.

Free-entitlement funding is available for all children the term after they turn 3.  This free-entitlement is for up to 15 hours per week; a leaflet containing further information can be provided for you on request.

There are other funding options such as the Better2gether funding available for two-year-olds and the new 30-hour funding which you and your child may qualify for; please click on the button below to find out more from

If your child does not yet qualify for funding or does more than their free 15 hours there will be a charge of £4.56 per hour to pay for children 3 and over and £5.72 for 2 year olds. (Please see a copy of the Pre-school’s current Payment Policy on the prices page for more information).

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